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Relying on all sources found, some misinformation was proliferated. All of these factors contributed to the Mystery from the Two Owls.

Of course none of the people I know go in bars and cafs only to play pinball, but ever since some of them were here and played my machines, they return to me telling me about that game they saw in that location - and how well it played. Coin mechanisms and the later addition of automatic shell out devices allowed the games to become kept out in the open. The object of the game was still being to get a plunger-launched ball into the desired hole around the playing surface, but with the games now waist-high, standing players were able to "nudge" the machine and thereby alter the ball's trajectory. The 1960's saw the development of many new features in the game including drop targets different types of bumpers and improved scoring including score wheels which allowed two and four player games.

Frankly they didn't make a lot of titles in this era (just 8 years worth) when compared with 1947 to 1970 where they made lots of 2" flipper games. Pinball was banned starting in the early 1940s until 1976 in Ny City. Pinball machines really grew in popularity after World War II. Score reels replace light-scoring within the late 1950s, and multi-player games become possible. The triggered switch was connected to the first electric scoring circuitry called a "totalizer"! First random switch hits counter on spinning disc Pirates of the Caribbean, 2006. The Backbox houses the Backglass, Displays, Speakers and electronic circuit boards in modern pinballs. In Electro-Mechanical pinballs, the Backbox houses the Backglass, Score Reels plus some relays and stepper units. Because much of the playing field was constructed from projected video the games for Pinball 2000 specified for to be easily converted between themes as future games were released. However the CVSD could also make sound effects, once the Texas chip only produced speech. Subsequent pinball machines reversed the action of the flipper to the standard used today, allowed players to control the flippers independently, and allowed players to capture the ball with the flippers by keeping the button pressed in. 4 boss battles including the ultimate final battle within the last level!

Thanks for the great machines to Gottlieb, Bally, Williams and all others, and to all great ingenious individuals who worked with these companies! pinball Good luck to Gary Stern!

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